Risk Day 21: Dance with Strangers

I’m beginning to see that if I look closely enough I can find risks everyday. But some have seemed pretty lame or not risky enough (at least for me). So I continue to search.

Today was no different. Feeling much better than yesterday, I decided to go to work and take advantage of seeing a few of my friends in an amazing show (check it out: www.organictheater.info). I still felt pretty run down but it’s totally that first day of feeling slightly better. You want to get up and get out and leave your couch to wallow in your absence. But the lingering sicky inside kept me taking it easy all day and I really didn’t do anything risky. I had a few realizations, but nothing too drastic. The closest I came was admitting to my husband that I had considered writing a play, about what who knows, but I was interested.

Anyway we decided to go out with said friends after the show to a local bar and I found myself discussing this humble little blog with a girl I had just met.

“So what’s your risk today?” she casually asked. Not too insane a question.

“No idea,” I replied, pretty confidently considering the hour was nearing midnight.

I let her know that some things were more internal, some other BS to make myself feel better about taking it so easy today, when I noticed a lovely group of strangers. Dancing. I mean really dancing. I’m talking, “I’ve had 6 drinks in 30 minutes and I don’t care if this is being recorded” kind of dancing. And I wanted to join them. I knew I shouldn’t, still feeling a little crappy and all. But then, mid thought, I jumped up, pushed through our friends and busted a move.

Picture a little John Cena “You can’t see me” hand and belting out, “I’m only gonna break break a break break your heart” combined with 90’s hip hop inspired two step and what you will see is the sober girl taking advantage of the Old Style Step Touch (that’s when the bar is having a $2 special on Old Style and you drink so many you think your just step touching but your actually wailing your arms and stumbling over your feet in an attempt to be sexy).

I kind of felt worse after it was over, some of my subsided symptoms starting to creep back up, but it was actually pretty fun, especially the part where I looked like I was doing the Old Style Step Touch even though I was just drinking OJ. Thank you, crazy drunken bar goers, for allowing my little butt to join your party and drop it like it’s hot.


Risky Thoughts

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