Day 19 Risk: Possibly Annoy a Friend

I have a casual friend whom I run into at parties and gatherings of a mutual friend of ours. Every time we see each other, we comment on how long it’s been and how we really need to start hanging out outside of the planned events. We’ve always bonded so quickly and based on his renditions of Brittany Spears songs, I know that one on one we’d be bent over in laughter constantly.

So imagine my joy when this friend contacted me to go to see if I was available to go to the Adele concert last night. Adele! An extra ticket to the sold out concert with a fun friend. Awesome.

I was so pumped all day, telling people about it and finding the time to look up some of her non-radio played songs. I had an early schedule yesterday and was headed home to catch a nap when my stomach started hurting. I imagined I was hunger. After I ate and nothing changed, I decided to take a walk. When that only made things worse, I resigned to the fact that I was going to have to bail on the concert.

I was so nervous to call this friend. Not that I think he would be pissed, but I didn’t want to disappoint. I also felt terrible because he only had about 3 hours to see if anyone else could go. I actually considered just sucking it up and going, suffering through it to avoid the possible annoyance that I may cause him.

But I decided to take the risk of that happening in favor of what I needed. I still felt guilty and I wanted to go but the reality was that I was in no state to do so. It still was hard to make that call, but I’m glad I did, especially as I was asleep by about 930 and had to write this the day after the risk. I hope I didn’t cause him too much trouble.


One thought on “Day 19 Risk: Possibly Annoy a Friend

  1. I’m bummed you didn’t get to go! But you gotta be true to your feeling, and now someone else had the opportunity!

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