Day 17 Risk: Climb a Tree–Attempt #1

Before starting this blog I sat down and created a list of risks I could take in the event that I needed a risk and couldn’t think of one. Pretty lame now that I’m into this. My thinking was that there couldn’t possibly be risks that I could take everyday. 17 days later…

A few were actually legit things I’d like to attempt in the next year; others were just things I thought would be fun. And one of those was to climb a tree.

I have two older brothers who were both very active as kids. And while I ended up being pretty girly, I also loved some of the boy games and didn’t really understand why I couldn’t play them. I would follow my brothers around, attempting to grasp the subtle intricacies of taking risks and being tough. I never really quite succeeded, mainly due to their unwavering determination to have nothing to do with me when their friends were around.

I always considered climbing trees one of those boy-like things. Why, I’m not sure. I mean, a girl can climb a tree and scrap her arms up just as well and good as a boy can. Maybe it was the dresses. Or maybe it was the fear of falling. Either way, I can’t say if I’ve ever really climbed a tree. I’m sure I tried. And I’m sure I was at least a little successful. But I’m talking really, truly climb a tree. Keep going until you can’t go any further.

So I’ve been looking for my opportunity and tonight one presented itself. I went to a staged reading of a play that some of my friends were in. It took place in a really cool art gallery. The environment was laid back. Nobody was haughty toighty and the owners were really easy going.  The space was on the ground floor and had a super sweet deck. When I walked out I noticed a glorious, many branched, sturdy tree in the corner of the yard.

“I wanna climb that,” I told my friend.

“You totes should,” she replied.

After the reading was done, I casually went up to one of the owners that I was speaking to earlier and found a way to drop in, “I love your huge tree back there. I totally want to climb it.”

“Go ahead,” he chimed. “I’ve got liability insurance.”

“I promise I won’t sue,” I said.

So I went out into the yard and began observing the tree. There was ivy and plants growing all around it, so I felt kind of bad tromping around. But it became apparent pretty quickly that it wasn’t going to happen. There were no footholds  and too much greenery for me to stick a chair down. A few friends offered to give me a leg up, but the reality was that, once again, I’m a bit too bitty for some things. And this tree was one of them.

But I will not accept defeat! I will find a tree to climb. Now I’m determined. If climbing trees is the sport of 10 year old boys, then I know that there are trees out there compatible with my vertical challengedness. Keep a look out for Attempt #2. It will happen.


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