Risk Day 14: Rearrange Books

For awhile now I’ve wanted to rearrange the books in my apartment. I’ve avoided it mainly because of the inevitable time it would consume. Not to mention that rearranging my books would mean that I would have to clean the shelves because, let’s face it, I’m incapable of leaving the dust buildup once I can see it. Before that, I’m able to live in blissful delusion.

The other reason I’ve avoided this is the irk I usually have when I change my apartment in some way. There’s a part of me that wants the change, but another that always wonders if I will like the change, if it’s something that I actually want. And then the thought of having to put back all the work I’ve done usually makes me take another look at the area of the house that once made my skin crawl and like magic it doesn’t look so bad.

The idea for how to rearrange is stolen. I’ve been to multiple friend’s houses and seen that they arranged their books by color. The effect is cool and sleek and just all around pleasing to the eye. And I’ve had it on my to-do list for a few weeks now. But then I look at the many, many books on my shelves and leave the room. My husband and I are intense readers and even though we are pretty good at purging other things our books always seem to stick around.

I got home from work and just decided to dig in. I made piles and piles of books. I was covered in dust bunnies and grossed out by how badly I need to clean my floor. It took me about two hours and when I was done I went even further to take care of a few other nagging household rearranging that I’ve been wanting to do. And I am so happy it’s done. So, so happy.

And even though it took some time, it was worth it. I found a way to make it work and don’t think I’ll be switching back. As a hip friend of mine would say, “It’s totes fab.”


One thought on “Risk Day 14: Rearrange Books

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