Day 11 Risk: Bachelorette Parties

I’m the Matron of Honor in my lovely friend’s wedding this summer. And since she was so fabulous to me when she served as my MOH last year, I wanted to return the favor in full. As a result I am planning not one, but two Bachelorette Parties for her.

Now there are actually practical reasons behind this. Her friends and bridal party are literally spanning North America, from toward the top of BC in Canada all the way to South Carolina. My friend lives in Vancouver and none of her bridal party live in driving distance of her. I know she’s been attacking this alone there and wanted to throw down properly to help her celebrate.

The two parties I’m planning are, I think at least, pretty cool. But, as anyone who has ever had the honor to plan such an event knows, there are some definite risks that you have to take. For one, and most importantly, is my friend going to have a good time? Is she going to love or loath what I planned for her? Second, and not as important but still risky, what will all the guests think? Will they be frustrated that they are dropping cash for a lame event?

I know my friend is the kind of person that just feels honored that these parties are being thrown for her. She is the complete opposite of a Bridezilla and since I know that she can have a good time at a suburban cowboy bar (tight jeans anyone ;)), I’m confident that she will have fun on these evenings as well. And while I know the party is for her and she is the only one I should be worried about, come on! If you’ve ever planned an event to be attended by more than two people then you’ve stressed at least a little over what they will think. I don’t care who you are.

So today I let everyone who is invited to these know what the details will be. I’m still a little nervous about reactions and I must say I’ve made excuses as to why I can’t send out the details to avoid these nerves. But there is a sense of relief in being done with it. I could have gotten someone else to do it, cowering in the corner for the potential “that sucks” that could crop up. But I didn’t. I took the risk to put my name behind these details. And as long as my friend sings drunken karaoke and I get it on tape, all is well in the world.


Risky Thoughts

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