Day 10 Risk: Letting Work Be Read

For the last 9 months I have been working on a young adult book. It started as just an idea that has grown to something much bigger than I would have originally imagined. I’m now looking at a story that has the possibility to span 3 books. I’ve really enjoyed and struggled writing it, but am finally in a place where I’m almost ready for it to be read by someone other than my loving hubby.

I finished the 2nd draft about a month ago and have been polishing a 3rd ever since. Back when I completed the 1st draft, I asked a few friends if they would be willing to read a draft before I sent it out. All 3 of these people are individuals whose opinion and work I respect. Which makes the idea of sharing my story with them that much scarier.

But I’ve been feeling like I need fresh eyes ever since I finished the 2nd draft. And while the book as a whole is not in a place that I feel comfortable putting out, I feel good about the 1st chapter. So, with nervous fingers, I attached a copy of that 1st chapter in an email to these 3 friends today.

They could hate it. Worse they could hate it but not want to hurt my feelings and tell me it’s awesome. I don’t think they would, but I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older that I tend to not trust compliments. Call it low self-esteem, call it being lied to in the past. Whichever way you look at it, part of this year is allowing myself to trust in what the people closest to me say.

But more importantly, part of this year is removing the judgment in general. Too often I place judgment on the different parts of my life and all it does is raise my blood pressure. Without it, I am free to just exist.


Risky Thoughts

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