Day 4 Risk: Attempt to Play with Puppies

There is the most adorable doggie daycare in my neighborhood. I pass it often on my trips to my local CVS and I stare with longing. I love dogs. Love, love, love dogs. It doesn’t matter to me if they are the squeaky, yappy ones or the big furry, wrestle with ones. I want a dog so badly but due to many, many reasons I can’t have one right now.

On this particularly beautiful day the dogs were all out in the pen behind the building. They were darting back and forth and jumping on top of each other, as dogs do, and I stopped mid stride and just stared. It was when I found myself chuckling that I realized I must look crazy.

I had this overwhelming desire to jump over that fence get into the scuffle. I began to walk again, knowing that I wasn’t allowed to do that, knowing that I would probably get the cops called on me or scare the crap out of some poor pup and get bitten. And then I thought, why not? Why not go in and just see if they allow people to play with the pups?

Normally I would ignore this impulse. The thought of having the woman behind the desk look at me like a freak would send me straight past their shop. But then I remembered that this is the year of chances, however tiny. So I went in.

Me: “Um, excuse me? I have a weird question.”

Woman behind desk: “No worries.  What can I do for you?”

Me: “Well, I know this may sound weird but I saw those adorable dogs playing and…do you ever, I mean, do let people play with them?”

Woman behind desk: “Actually not a weird question. We get it all the time. And no.”

Apparently there was liability issues and they couldn’t let the dogs near anyone who didn’t work there. I left, a little sad, but feeling lighter in my step. At least I tried…


2 thoughts on “Day 4 Risk: Attempt to Play with Puppies

  1. Good for you, girl! I like how you’re thinking. Interstingly enough, this risk business has found its way onto my plate lately…doing what fear and doubt tell me to not do. Day by day, the results are pretty amazing. Little victories that pave the way to bigger ones.

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