Day 2 Risk: Self Promotion

I hate self promoting. With my past in shoe string budget theater, I became very used to the expectation of self promotion for the different shows I would find myself in. Without it theaters all over the city would go under. I actually don’t mind it when others self promote. If anything I feel guilty when I find myself too poor or busy to attend their events or donate to their causes. But I always felt so schmarmy doing it. I never felt comfortable asking anyone else to give their time and money for my project.

Part of today’s risk was very successful. I quickly uploaded the link of this to Facebook and went about my day, having a wonderful lunch with a friend and then screaming at the TV for the fastest 2 minutes in sports.

Wanting to expand the risk, I decided tonight to also send an email to people telling them about this. I was very proud of myself because I included many people that I haven’t talked to in years on that email, fearing the curled lip and furrowed brows, thinking, “Why is she emailing me?”
And this is why I hate technology. Why do they make it so difficult? If I create a BCC, why won’t you actually put anything in it? If I hit “Send”, why won’t you send?
After 5 tries on different machines I gave up. It feels kind of lame that I’m on my second day and I’m already throwing my arms up and blaming inanimate objects for my troubles. There were opportunities for me to get the word out there that I didn’t take. There was an entire staff at the restaurant I went to that could have heard about it. Or the woman behind the counter at Starbucks.

I think the lesson I learned from today is that I’ve become lazy because of technology. I’ve gotten so used to it doing it’s job so effectively that I scream and pound on the table when it makes the tiniest of errors. In situations like this, I’ve allowed myself to lean on the bright shiny screen in front of me to do all the work. I could have called people or even just told those around me.

But I took the “easy” way out. And now it’s time to take the suck out.


2 thoughts on “Day 2 Risk: Self Promotion

  1. Ahh… Promoting!

    You know, I’ve always thought I should be ashamed of promotiong, only if what I have to promote is shameful.

    Easier said than practiced though.

    Good to hear your thoughts D. Especially after some time of not seeing you guys. I’m glad you reached out.

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