Day 1 Risk: Begin Blog

Today is my birthday. I have officially begun the last year of my 20’s. And even though I had a great day and even though I believe I am going to have a great year, that weight that likes to clench around my heart lingered with me as I celebrated and ate sweets. I guess I feel an immense sense of anticipation at what is ahead of me.

And all these pent up butterflies are a result of me telling everyone in my life about this crazy blog I’ve been thinking about starting. So today I am living up to all the talk I’ve been throwing around for the last month and beginning this blog. And I’m completely freaked out about it.

For one, I’m putting my writing out there for the world to scrutinize. Only a few people have read my work and now I get to see if they were just being nice. Secondly I may go all day without risking. I have mental images of me streaking down the street at 1030 at night because I’ve spent the day watching TV and eating ice cream. Finally, there’s the chance that this will not work. I’m determined to not live in fear for the rest of my life and I’m kind of counting on this to help pull me out of the well I’ve chucked myself into. But I don’t know that it will.

The next year could turn out to be the most incredible experience I’ve had to date. It could also be a hot ugly mess. I could make it through the year or I could quit before the end of the month. I’m jumping out into the empty space and really, really hoping that I won’t splatter when I hit wherever I’m going. And hoping that if I do splatter that there’s enough of me left to glue the pieces back together.


4 thoughts on “Day 1 Risk: Begin Blog

  1. You inspire me friend! When I FINALLY hit that 29th year in the far away future, I may have to take a page from your book 😉 Nice to know that as we reach this milestone in life, we pretty much all still have no idea about anything! Oh but what fun it has always been pretending to figure it out with you:)


  2. Hello my dear sweet little sister! im sooo proud of you and am here for you on this wonderful journey of life, even though im so far away. Trust me you have nothing to worry about, 29 may be the end of your 20s but the 30s start a new and wonderful life. life is so much simpler, lifes experiences from your 20s open so many more doors for the 30s. take this year to live by my favorite 3 words…, laugh, love, or like my favorite book you can “eat pray love”!!!! whichever one you choose, enjoy it! love you

  3. Hi Denise! Just wanted to reassure you that “29” is the eternal age…some women remain “29” forever! Or you can do like I did and when you turn 30, just call it “20-10” etc right on through to your 40s where you will be just like eye-sight…20-20! After a while the number just begins to represent the amount of time we have been fortunate enough to build the memories that we carry with us and the love we have been fortunate enough to have in our lives! Love you! ❤

  4. Debbie
    I’m here to tell you, like I have most of our lives together, that 29 is nothing to be afraid of. I remember 29 because I hit a milestone that year. That was the year that Da Boy was born. So, approach 29 like any other year….CALL ME IF YOU NEED TO and we’ll walk (or run–but maybe not naked–ha, ha) together. You are in for a surprise, 29 rocks!! NEXT year you have to “grow up”….or just act like me and refuse to do it by crossing your arms, screaming at the top of your lungs and stomping your feet tantrum style!!

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